About Carissa

I am an artist.  

Outside of high school art classes, I have had no formal education.  I grew up drawing the things in my head.  I entered many drawing and coloring contests (and won) when I was young.  Free McDonald's for my family with my art!  It made me proud to be able to give my family something substantial with my art.

I create art based on my experiences and feelings. I enjoy creating art that is visual metaphors and abstract concepts.  I like to visualize the answer to questions that pop into my head.  What does anger look like?  What is the limit of things you can tell someone with flowers?

I prefer painting and bright colors.  My favorite method is acrylic painting, as it is fairly inexpensive and quick to dry.  I also enjoy ink-wash painting.  It is similar to watercolor, but it is permanent once dry.  This keeps the colors from getting muddy, and I can play with layering.  I have many other mediums available to me, but I prefer acrylic painting.

I mostly create art mostly for myself.  Recently I started meeting successful artists.  I realized that one of my dreams, turning my art into something more than just something to hang on a wall or put in a closet.  I can meet people, experience more and different things, create art and share it with others, maybe earn enough to support more art.

I have recently chosen to peruse the artist lifestyle full time.  I do commission work as a freelance artist.  This allows me to paint things of my choosing as well as expand my skills by creating things for others (and getting paid for it!)

In addition to creating art, I enjoy walking in parks and cemeteries, quite places.  I read a wide variety of books, play tabletop games (Gloom for the win,) and watch movies (mostly horror movies and foreign films.) 

Based out of Tacoma, Washington, USA

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